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"I had never played Mahjong in my life so for both me and my children, this was an introduction to a brand new world.  It took two minutes for my children to be absorbed into the game.  They played it with great relish and enthusiasm.  Both children and adults can enjoy this colorful and innovative game which is ideal for both kids on their own and their parents."

                                                         Michael Weiger, London, UK

"Listen up Grandparents this is a great way to get connected with your grandchildren without having to take them to the mall. It's fun for all ages and gives you time to catch up with what is happening in their lives. Everyone gets caught up in the excitement of the game, everyone wants to win and have fun!"   

                                                        Rachel Borenstein, West Hempstead, NY   

"My name is Jacob Henschel, I am 12 years old, and Mahjong Junior is a game my friends want to play again and again.  My sister Carmel and I, even had a Mahjong Junior tournament, it was AWESOME!"

                                                        Jacob Henschel, Boca Raton, FL

"We had a lively time playing the game, adults, teens, and kids altogether.  I knew the boys really liked the game when they began to cheat...always a sure sign that they're enjoying themselves!"

                                                         Ruthie Lang, London, UK              

Please email your Mahjong Junior experience to info@mahjongjunior.com