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Factor Family, LLC is a family-owned company that began when the Factor Family's T.V. was disconnected.  With lots of extra time to fill their now empty afternoons, the Factor family had the idea to invent a game.  From that moment on, the rest is Mahjong Junior history.  3 years later, there is still no T.V., and here we are releasing our first Factor Family game...Mahjong Junior.  

Mahjong Junior was inspired with the idea that the neighborhood kids often hovered around the Mahjong table without ever being able to play.  The Factor Family decided to invent a game that introduced children and teens to the the world of Mahjong.  Now there is a Jr. table right alongside ours.  The kids love the sound of the tiles hitting the table, naming the ancient symbols...and let's not forget calling "MAHJONG JUNIOR!"

The real American game is complicated and always needs 4 players.  Mahjong Junior is a game that needs only 2 players, but up to 4 are welcome to play. It is a game that the whole family can play regardless of age.  It is quick and easy to learn, and you can be playing this ancient game of luck and strategy in a matter of minutes.  The best news of all, is that you never have to change the batteries.

We are currently inventing more Factor Family games, and can't wait to play them with you and your family.