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The long awaited game you and your family have been waiting for is here. Mahjong Junior is an introduction to the classic game of Mahjong.  So get ready to learn all about the ancient Chinese symbols of Crack, Bam, Dot, Winds, and Dragons. It is fun for all ages, and the only game of its kind.

It's fun for boys, girls, teens, and adults, with no reading required other than the rules. You do not need any Mahjong experience to play this quick and easy to learn game.  Mahjong Junior only requires 2 players, but as many as 4 can play. 

Mahjong Junior is not only fun, fast, and easy to learn, but the game teaches sequencing, odds, evens, patterns, promotes planning, strategy, organizational skills, and taking turns.  The game offers players both an element of history and another culture.  Mahjong Junior is a socially interactive game that lends itself to connecting people to people.  It is challenging for both children and adults, and places varying ages at equal playing level.   

Continue to our Buy Now page and order this Limited Edition of Mahjong Junior while supplies  last.  Mahjong Junior is an Eco-Friendly Fair Trade produced game.  

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